Hi, I'm Paolo Ciarrocca an Anglo-Italian web developer living in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

In the tail end of 20th century I decided to swap sunny Rome for the not so sunny but equally beautiful Edinburgh. I'm a fully bi-lingual (including dreams) Anglo-Italian, which can come in handy when following sporting events.

I have worked on the web since tables were the cool kids in town. I'm always looking to learn new things and better myself, maybe not always related to my work, but at least it helps me to be a pretty nifty Trivial Pursuit player.

I try my best to be as agnostic as possible when it comes to technology stack choice, though my swiss army knife is good old LAMP.

My main focus is responsibly building progressively enhanced, accessibile, mobile first device agnostic websites, that have a small footprint.

Since late September 2014 I've been doing this at Kin, the web studio I co-founded with Ben Seven.

So if you are in need of an experienced developer you've come to the right place.